09 Aug, 2012

Unemployment Falling In South West

The latest figures, which have been released by the government, have shown that there has been a drop in the rate of unemployment in the South West of England when compared to the rest of the UK.  The employment rate for the UK is 8.4 per cent however in the South West it is only 6.1 per cent.

In North Somerset, the picture looks even better with recruitment increasing and the unemployment rate dropping.  There only 5.4 per cent of people find themselves out of work as many organisations concentrate their efforts on getting people back in to the work place.

Speaking about the statistics, one of the people who has recently found work after a long time unemployed, said “I’d worked for seven years and being unemployed was the worst experience of my life. I was desperate for work.”

Organisations that are offering people help with their interview skills and CV writing are making a difference to getting people finding work and helping to reduce the unemployment rate.  One employment expert said: “In this sort of tough economic climate, finding work can be an uphill struggle, especially if extra training is required. We want to help people get the confidence and the skills to get back to work.”

With recent GDP figures being released to show that Britain is not recovering as well as had been expected, any fall in the unemployment rate is being received gladly.

Credit: onrec.com

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