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23 Jul, 2014

So what’s the difference between a Recruitment Agency and a Headhunting Organisation

On the surface both of these businesses appear to offer the same service – helping companies to hire people. However in truth the routes to finding clients a solution are extremely different as they each have distinctive business models with little in common. Recruitment agencies match employers to employees...

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08 Jul, 2014

Record rise in starting salaries

Record fall in permanent staff availability in June… The latest survey of UK recruitment consultancies indicated a considerable reduction in the availability of staff to fill permanent roles. The rate of contraction accelerated to the sharpest seen in the survey history, which began in October 1997. Temporary/contract staff also...

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02 Jul, 2014

Flexible Working

The right to request flexible working to all employees as of 30 June 2014. Flexible working (which can mean anything from an adjustment in working hours, working times, or a change to allow work from home for example) was previously only open to employees who had responsibilities to care...

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