06 Mar, 2013

The importance of Twitter

Created in 2006 the social networking site Twitter has grown into one of the largest and most visited social media companies in the world. With a growing 500 million users it has become an increasingly popular social media tool in 2013. Not only is it used for people’s daily thoughts, now the number of companies using the site is growing rapidly. They see the potential in communicating to customers online. The networking tool has also become a popular way of getting hired. Businesses now look at candidates online profiles to see how professional or perhaps, unprofessional they are. So if you have posted a tweet about how hung-over you were at work, chances are it’ll be read by someone you wanted to impress.

When Poppy Rose Cleere, former HMV’s social media planner, announced the “mass execution” of employees made redundant using Twitter it caused a stir in the social media atmosphere. She began an online revolt tweeting about how she and 60 loyal employees were forced out of their jobs from the music company HMV. Of course her tweets were quickly removed by senior staff, but not fast enough it seems as many people retweeted causing it to spread across the network.

What has happened to her now? Her actions resulted in a swarm of job offers, not bad for someone who began as HMV’s unpaid intern. On her own account she tweeted, “I hope that today’s actions would finally show them the true power and importance of social media.” So where are you on the Twitter scale? Are you consciously thinking about your potential boss reading your ‘lazy day’ tweet?

What about the Evening Standard’s article on “The Twesume”, a new breed of the social media resume. They state the paper CV is dead and social media is now our focal selling point. How do you feel about selling yourself in 140 characters?

Pressure is on. The new ‘Twesume’ is a condensed CV used to attract or send to potential employers. Blogger Richard Skaare shared his suggestions on how to take full advantage of the limited space.

“Communication experience: been there, done that. Write like I talk, talk like I write. Smart, getting smarter. Eager to give more than take.”

Though the post may seem over-confident the writer certainly sells himself to the employer with passion. However not everyone seems happy about the idea of a 140 character CV. One commenter on the Evening Standard website called it “Barking mad” and another said “Talk about dumbing down.”

A few weeks ago Twitter released its new mobile video service Vine. Vine lets you capture a six second or more video which allows to you to post like a tweet. Designed to inspire creativity by easily capturing motion and sound using simple and easily understood software.  It can be downloaded as an app on Apple software. This service is already being used as a six second long CV.
Credit: onrec.com

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