09 Apr, 2009

The first interview

Tips for Getting Past the First Interview

Searching for a job in a tough economy can be extremely challenging. This is especially true if it seems impossible to get past the first interview. Unfortunately, some people seem to have this sort of luck. So what can be done about it? Is there a secret to getting the employer of your choice to call you back for a second interview – and perhaps hire you for the position? There are a few tips that you can utilize to get you on the right track. Let’s look at what they are …

Look at Your Interviewing Skills

If you’re having a difficult time getting past the first interview then the first place you’ll want to look for improvement is your actual interviewing skills. It may be that you aren’t presenting yourself in the most professional manner in the interview. Or you may be saying a few things that show you lack confidence. The point is, if you’re finding that you’ve been to multiple interviews and you can’t seem to get any further than that then you may want to take a closer look at what you can improve. For one, take a look at what’s on your resume. It may be that your resume only focuses on the responsibilities you’ve been given over the years, versus the duties you’ve fulfilled and skills you bring to the table. Expressing what you’ve accomplished says a lot about what you can get done with the current employer. Also, if you’re suffering from interviewing jitters, it doesn’t hurt to do a “dress rehearsal” of sorts with a friend. This might help boost your confidence for the next interview.

Consider Getting More Training

Another problem that you may want to consider that might explain why you may not be able to get past the first interview is the number of qualifications you’re bringing to the table. Sometimes you may be trying to apply for highly competitive positions that require a little bit more training to help you match up with your competition. If this is the case then it might not hurt to watch what trends are popular in your field then take time to learn whatever you need to learn in order to get on par with those trends. For some, this means taking a class or two to get on track. While for others, it may simply mean meeting up with a mentor who can give boatloads of great advice.

Find Something to Do With Your Time

A great way to keep yourself busy and boost confidence for your next interview is to get out there and volunteer. By taking on various projects while waiting for your next job to appear, you can learn new skills, enhance old ones, and get yourself used to being in a working environment. If nothing else, you’ll be able to improve your confidence before going into your next interview. It can feel discouraging to only ever land a first interview without getting to a second one, or being hired for a job. But don’t give up on your goal. By taking on these tips, you should be able to land the job you want in no time.

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