01 Jul, 2013

The Department for Business

The Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) has been invited to attend a roundtable event at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) in London on Friday 12 July.

The government has launched a review of the paperwork obligations of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR).

ARC Chairman, Adrian Marlowe said: “ARC has worked with the government on the content and guidance relating to the AWR since 2009 and so is perfectly placed to offer insight and advice into how the implementation of the regulations by recruitment businesses.

During the two consultations ARC was able to persuade the government to minimise bureaucracy and administration across the legislation.”

In July ARC will be reporting to BIS about their members’ practical experience of implementing the Regulations and what processes they follow in order to comply with them.

Therefore, ARC is inviting all members and all other interested parties to provide input into this important review by reporting on their experiences of the AWR, good and bad.

ARC works on behalf of recruiters and represents their interests at Parliament on the key issues affecting the recruitment industry.

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