22 May, 2012

REC compliance

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation is planning to introduce a new compliance test as part of its membership process.  Under the proposed scheme, from 1st July 2012 all recruitment agencies wishing to obtain REC membership would have to successfully demonstrate their compliance with relevant industry regulations as well as the REC’s own Code of Professional Practice via a new online test. This approach would also be rolled out to existing REC members who will be asked to take and pass the test once every two years to keep their REC membership.

This new approach to compliance has been designed in consultation with existing REC members and incorporates their feedback. Members will vote to formally approve the introduction of the new compliance regime at the AGM on 13th June and the new process will then be introduced to both new and existing members later this year.

REC chief executive Kevin Green says:

“Promoting greater professionalism within recruitment has long been part of the REC’s mission. Our new compliance regime will raise the bar further, ensuring our members are fully compliant with the high standards we set for the industry.

“REC membership signifies an agency has demonstrated their compliance with the legal and ethical requirements of the industry. Stronger engagement on compliance provides even more value to members because it will mean more to their clients, enabling agencies to market to employers better and win more business.”

Credit: onrec.com

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