24 Aug, 2011

Public Sector Recruitment

Recruitment for jobs in the public sector is continuing to fall, according to the latest figures from the Monster Employment Index.

The monthly measurement of online recruitment demand has shown that in July, public sector recruitment showed a 15 per cent year-on-year decline. This figure put it at the bottom of the list, when sorted by sector, by measure of growth.

Areas that also showed significant year-on-year declines in the July figures were the defence industry and community business.

The declines in these areas, however, did not manage to spoil the overall figures, which showed positive annual growth across 15 of the 21 industry sectors measured. Topping the list was recruitment for the transport, post and logistics sector, which experienced a 36 per cent increase.

Spokesman for Monster UK & Ireland, Michael Gentle, said that the figures gave a generally positive impression of the current climate for recruitment in the UK, with certain areas giving significant cause for optimism.

“The transport and logistics sector particularly [has been] leading the Index over the past six months”: he explained. “This coincides with recent upward trends in industrial new orders, as reported by Eurostat and likewise, the ONS Index of Services’ recently reported rises in distribution and transport. Trends in the Index continue to remain more favourable than a year ago.”

Credit: onrec.com/Monster UK

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