24 May, 2012

Public opinion of recruitment

A survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has found that recruiters have a professional image in the eyes of the majority of the British public, and that people’s good opinion of recruitment consultants increases further when they turn to them for help with their own search for a job.

Key findings from the survey of 1,024 working age adults found that:

  • 51 percent of those polled felt recruiters project a professional image, which increased to 72 percent among people who have used the services of a recruitment agency.
  • Over three quarters of jobseekers who have used a recruitment agency (77 percent) think recruiters play an important role helping people find jobs.
  • 72 percent of those who had called on the help of a recruitment agency in the past said they would use a recruiter again.

The survey found that jobseekers from all walks of life called upon the expert help and advice of recruiters when they needed help looking for a new role, with no significant difference in use of recruiters by workers from different social grades.

When asked to compare recruitment consultants with other occupations in terms of their perceived professionalism recruiters ranked more highly than journalists (32 percent), politicians (34 percent) and estate agents (39 percent). But the survey revealed that there is still a way to go before recruiters are viewed as professional as lawyers (76 percent) or teachers (78 percent).

Presenting the survey’s findings at the REC’s Annual Convention today, The REC’s Director of Research Roger Tweedy says:

“Raising the bar for standards of service and professionalism in the recruitment industry is our mission at the REC. Recruitment is often undervalued as a profession but as this poll reveals, people are impressed with the quality of service and professionalism they received from recruiters when they turn to them for help with their job search. This is a great foundation to build on as we work to drive up standards and improve the reputation of recruitment in the UK.”

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