03 Nov, 2011

Government to streamline Conduct Regulations

The latest phase of the Government’s RedTape Challenge is focusing on employment regulations. As part of this the REC has been in dialogue with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) with regards to a radical streamlining of the Conduct Regulations.

The REC has previously engaged with the Government on other areas of unnecessary bureaucracy such as employment tribunals. Positive measures on this were announced by the Government last month. As a follow-up to this,  the focus has shifted on other regulatory cuts that would help the industry. A formal submission based on member feedback was sent to BIS last week and will be followed up in forthcoming meetings with senior Government officials.

Commenting on the REC’s stance, Marshall Evans, Chair of the REC’s Employment Policy Committee and Operations Director of Staffline, said:

There is scope for some quick wins in terms of streamlining existing regulations like the Conduct Regulations This will help to counter-balance the administrative onslaught of the AWR. The feedback from REC members has already been sent to Government and there will be further opportunities over the coming months to drive a collective vision of how our industry should be regulated.”

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