05 Nov, 2010

Google denies hiring freeze

Google denied an unofficial hiring freeze after a report by CNBC claimed the firm’s execs were told last month not to hire any new bodies and to fill all vacancies with internal candidates. CNBC hack David Faber reckoned that he had been told about the unofficial hiring freeze by several executives at the Internet search engine giant, but Google spinners were quick to deny the report claiming “We extended offers last week to 30 people”. According to CNET, Google spokesbunny Jane Penner admitted “We’re hiring at a slower rate but added We are continuing to hire carefully and strategically.” Over the past two years, the Googantua has more than doubled staff from 9300 souls to a current full time work force of 20,100. In a statement releasing its Q3 financial results, Google noted it had indeed slowed hiring of late, but that even in Q3, 519 new employees had come aboard. Google’s revenues and earnings have been on the up and up too, but with fears of an ad slowdown just around the corner, the firm as well known for giving its employees perks like three free gourmet meals a day, a concierge service and even in-office massages and may have to start thinking about trimming the excess. New Google CFO Patrick Pichette, who joined the firm late this June, is said to be one of the main forces pushing for financial caution in the current shaky economic climate. Pichette is probably well aware that Youtube and some of Google’s free applications may cost the firm more than they bring in this coming year. So freeze or no freeze, Google looks like it’s preparing itself for a cold winter.

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