21 Feb, 2012

German companies urged to concider new markets

German companies are looking beyond their traditional export markets.   A government agency is looking into new investment opportunities in hitherto untapped markets of the future.

What’s important for German companies is that Slovakia is investing heavily in roads and railways. The country is also a main producer of electronics – something which few investors are aware of.

Apart from Indonesia, Pfeiffer lists Mongolia, Tunisia, Norway, Slovakia, Peru and Mexico as Germany’s other top growing export markets of the future. GTAI has just released a study on “Germany’s top export markets in 2012.”

The established trade partners “remain the same,” Pfeiffer says. Berlin’s European neighbors France, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK are the biggest recipients of German exports. Another big market is the US, followed by the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Credit: DW-World/APD, Reuters

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