21 Oct, 2008

CV Information

Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC), setting up a website for a bogus company called Denis Atlas. The fake firm placed an advert in a national newspaper for a job as an office manager, inviting people to apply by sending in their CVs to the web site. Although 107 people did so, a quick search of the website would have shown that it was in fact a fake operation. “Many people are happy to send their CVs “blind” without thinking about the consequences if their information fell into the wrong hands,” said Neil Fisher, of IAAC. The CVs that were submitted contained an average of eight different pieces of information that might have been useful to an identity fraudster. The most common ones were full address and date of birth. One application included both a passport and number insurance number. “We advise everyone not to post personal details on the internet which could collectively be used to clone your identity,” said Detective Superintendent Russell Day of the Metropolitan Police. The most useful items of information for criminals, which should be omitted from an online CV, are date of birth, marital status, and place of birth.

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