31 May, 2012

Career transition in UK

Despite an increase in the number of people receiving outplacement support, the percentage of candidates accepting higher or same salaries in the UK has increased in 2012 according to a recent Report.   Sixty-two percent of candidates in the UK now accept the same or higher salaries compared to 52 percent in 2011. This trend stays the same across the majority of Europe with Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden the exceptions. In addition, the weeks to land a new position* has dropped from 31 weeks in 2011 to 30 weeks in 2012 across Europe, a more favourable trend than Asia Pacific’s 37 weeks, up in 2012 from 36 weeks in 2011.

The report also revealed that candidates taking retirement is down from 4 percent in 2011 to 3 percent globally in 2012 suggesting the start of a new and growing trend following legislation across Europe to raise or scrap default retirement ages, as well as people deferring retirement due to economic pressures.

Credit: onrec.com

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