01 May, 2013

REC Spotlight series engages local MPs with recruiters

Our first spotlight event in Bristol brought together MPs and recruiters to shine a light on the challenges of working in the jobs market in Bristol and drew decision makers’ attention to the issues that recruiters face.

In just over two weeks’ time we will be holding a similar event in Derby – so what can you expect if you come along?

Red Recruitment director, Katy Forsyth, told me: “I thought the afternoon was extremely worthwhile and as a member in the regions I was very pleased to hear from the REC in person on current updates and also have the chance to discuss this region’s issues with the two MPs.”

Feedback from MPs Stephen Williams and Kerry McCarthy was that REC members gave refreshingly honest feedback on the issues that they face when trying to assist local people into work and supply the needs of the local business community.

From my point of view, it was great to be able to talk to impassioned recruiters about some of the issues about which the REC has been lobbying the government, and hear the challenges that recruiters are facing on the front line.

Recruiters raised a number of key points that have been highlighted as industry wide issues by REC research. Candidate availability was proving to be an issue across the Bristol jobs market. Recruiters were finding it increasingly difficult to find the highly skilled workers they need to fill positions in industries such as engineering or IT; and jobseekers searching for less skilled roles were reluctant to accept the vacancies on offer.

Education was also a hot topic, with recruiters emphasising the practical advice and guidance they could offer to young people if the government was to give them the support they need to do this.

Finally, transport was raised as a particular local difficulty. Jobseekers entering the lower paid end of the jobs market were forced to turn down roles as the city’s public transport links were limited and expensive – an issue that both MPs agreed was a real problem.

Spotlight on Derby

Jessica Lee, MP for Erewash, and Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, will be answering questions from recruiters and taking part in a discussion about some of the issues that Derby area recruiters and other local businesses are facing. I will also give attendees a brief update on market trends using the very latest REC data and everyone will have the opportunity to network with other recruiters from the area.

These are new kinds of meetings for the REC, bringing our members in direct contact with their local representatives in Parliament. There are 650 MPs in total, and the more who understand recruitment and the role we play in boosting the economy and employment, the better things will be for the future of our industry.
Credit – www.rec.uk.com

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