05 Jun, 2012

Optimising Your Social Media Profile To Attract Headhunters



Headhunters are all over the place looking for new prospects for their businesses. You’ll become a very attractive option to them if you can optimize your social media profile to suit what they’re looking for. To do that, you first have to understand what a headhunter is looking for when they view your profile. They are looking to see if they think you have the qualities needed to take a position in their business. They look for the most professional people with the best images and personalities to suggest for the hiring process of a particular business. By optimizing your social media profile in several ways, you can make yourself a more appealing candidate.

The social media profile is your calling card on the web. Your profile is what your friends online know you by. If you have a tacky social media profile, you are less likely to be contacted by a prospective employer or headhunter. The first thing you must do is eliminate all photos and comments about any illegal activity. Don’t have any pictures of yourself partaking in illegal activities, and don’t have any photos of others doing so either. You must build and keep a clean reputation and character online. Pick a photo that depicts you in a clean, respectful, positive and professional manner. Dress nicely in your main profile picture.

When a headhunter looks at your social media profile, they are trying to learn about you. One of the many things they will try to learn about you is what you’re good at. How will anyone know what you’re good at if you don’t show them? Showcase your skills on your profile. Start a blog on your profile and update it frequently with well-written posts on anything, but especially on things that you enjoy or in a field you may want to work in later in life. If you’re studying to be a teacher, for example, and you want to teach reading and writing in a school, post samples of your writing and make posts showing people how to become better writers.

Optimize your profile in such a way that it only represents what you truly are like. be yourself in your photos, videos and comments. Don’t try to create this persona of someone you aren’t. People will see right through it when they talk to you in person or start chatting with you. Be sincere about your interests, goals, attitudes, opinions, actions and thoughts. However, be confident in what you do present. Confidence is very important, and it can make things a lot easier on you in the long run. if you’re confident in who you really are and what you’re capable of, people will take notice and treat you accordingly.

Your social media profile is a way for you to make yourself known on the internet. It is a great tool that you can use to set up connects and portray yourself in a positive way. The opportunities you can discover from having a great social media profile are endless.

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