07 Sep, 2012

Human Resource Management

A new Higher Apprenticeship in Human Resource Management has been officially launched by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Skills CFA with the objective of broadening access to careers in business for a wider and more diverse array of future talent.

Launched at an event in central London on Wednesday 5 September, the apprenticeship has been developed in consultation with employers and training providers. It will provide people with a new way to embark on a rewarding career in HR and therefore broaden access to business more generally. At the same time, it will give employers a new way to attract and retain the best talent from the widest possible pool of people.

CIPD worked in conjunction with Skills CFA, the business apprenticeships issuing authority, to develop the Higher Apprenticeship, which is equivalent to the second year of a degree.  From Autumn 2012, the Higher Apprenticeship in Human Resource Management will enable apprentices to develop their knowledge and skills while being employed and earning a salary.

The programme will provide the apprentice with a comprehensive understanding of the HR function, alongside practical experience of the workplace. Topics covered will include improving organisational performance, knowledge management, employment law and resource and talent planning.

By 2016 more than 700 people are expected to take up the Higher Apprenticeship in Human Resource Management, supported by a Government fund of almost £800,000. On completion successful apprentices will attain a professional qualification and a seamless pathway to Associate Membership of the CIPD. They will also have significant experience of the workplace and have invaluable knowledge of the ethics and working practices of the company they have been employed by.

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD, comments: “The CIPD is delighted to be formally launching the Higher Apprenticeship in Human Resource Management. The CIPD promotes apprenticeships as an effective means of employers recruiting and developing talent and so it was natural and appropriate for us to us to introduce an apprenticeship scheme for our own profession so that we can attract a more diverse array of talent to pursue careers in HR and business more generally. The Higher Apprenticeship in HR Management will allow organisations to expand their human resource function whilst attracting a talented pool of individuals who might not otherwise have considered the profession.”

Skills CFA Chief Executive, Jenny Hewell, said: “The engagement and participation of so many employers and the CIPD in the development and promotion of this higher apprenticeship is fantastic. I am confident that the launch of the apprenticeship in HR Management will, over time, have a major impact on the HR profession.”

Credit: onrec.com

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