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A Small Selection Of Case Studies From Our Clients

Learn how we have helped businesses for over 20 years

Oil & Gas Case Studies

oil and has headhunters

Oil and Gas
Our dedicated Oil and Gas team recruit executives across the globe.

Global Project Case Studies

General Manager Maintenance – Head of Maintenance Engineering
Middle East

A leading Government owned Petroleum company in the Middle East had recently lost their General Manager of the Maintenance Department. The role was responsible for the maintenance of the large refinery (handling over 200,000 barrels a day) and related terminals with a storage capacity of over 10 million barrels…
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Chief Engineer – Oil Terminals
Caspian Sea

A JV Oil Company located in the Caspian Sea region were looking to hire a Chief Engineer to manage two of their key terminals in the region. The role required a candidate with extensive experience of previous terminal, pipeline and Health and safety knowledge as well as managing relations with local and International oil corporations and management…
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Head of Business Development
Russia and South America

A leading International Oil company contacted MSC via a referral regarding a highly urgent assignment. Following several calls and a video conference it was established that the company needed a worldwide Head of Business Development to negotiate high value deals…
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Finance Case Studies

finance headhunters

We have significant experience in the finance sector, finding senior candidates internationally.

European Project Case Studies

Managing Director (Geschäftsführer)

Following a lengthy, unsuccessful and expensive advertising campaign this leading European Payment Solutions company contacted MSC with an urgent problem. They had wasted over 4 months sifting through candidate applications for a senior management post and none of the individuals matched their profile as the skills they needed were so specific…
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Finance Director
United Kingdom

A UK based Technology firm with an annual turnover of £80M had recently lost their Finance Director to a competitor. As the relationship was very good he was asked to work the 3 month notice period so he could assist with the hiring of his successor…
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Maritime Case Studies

marine headhunters

The Maritime division supports leading organisations by recruiting world class talent.

International Project Case Studies

VP Operations
Far East

Having searched for 3 months unsuccessfully for a new VP Operations, a prestigious Private Ports company in the Far East contacted MSC to help with their search. The organisation required a highly knowledgeable maritime executive with a wealth of experience in dealing with Port Authorities, shipping lines, oil and gas transportation and container terminals…
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Managing Director
Hong Kong

A well known International Marine Consultancy were looking to hire an experienced Managing Director to set up their new Hong Kong office. The company had a US and several European offices and a well established client base that required services in the Far East…
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Case Studies

manufacturing headhunters

Our Manufacturing headhunters deliver an exceptional service to this specialist sector.

Project Case Studies

Head of Production

Following an enquiry from a large Russian conglomerate, MSC was quickly contracted to headhunt for a new factory manager. After talking at length with the company owners and understanding the company and role in more detail we were able to begin the search assignment…
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Manufacturing Director – Paper Industry

Following an urgent enquiry from the private owner of 2 large paper mills in the Far East, MSC quickly drafted a contract promising to deliver a shortlist in 2-4 weeks. The client was in the process of buying a third location and needed a highly experienced person to set up the new site and manage the other two facilities…
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A large Far Eastern Manufacturer of Automotive parts was keen to finally establish roots in the European Market. They had previously sold on a small scale from their HQ but had now decided to make the necessary investment to develop the business. After a detailed consultation they realised that they needed to set up a legal entity in Germany and to initially hire a Senior local with market experience…
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 Case Study Retail

retail headhunters

Our experienced teams help find exceptional candidates for the retail sector.

Industry Case Study

Head of eCommerce

A luxury brand retailer approached MSC with a brief to source a Head of eCommerce. The high profile Italian design label had a basic online strategy but was losing ground to competitors particularly in international markets. The Far East and Middle East were locations that the company felt they could develop by adapting to these regional markets…
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Media Case Studies

media headhunters

Our experienced media division helps worldwide organisations hire the best talent.

Industry Case Studies

Creative Director
United Kingdom

MSC was asked to create a project proposal for an emerging Internet Media company located in the UK. The company offers a complete service in web design and management including SEO, news and newsletters, blogs, articles short film making, animation and online magazines throughout Europe…
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Head of Business Development
United Kingdom

A UK based boutique ‘creative media production company’ contacted MSC regarding a Business Development Executive they needed to hire. After meeting 3 Executive Search firms they decided to use our service mainly because they felt reassured by the legally binding guarantees…
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Legal Case Study

legal headhunters

We place senior management across the Legal sector, worldwide.

Case Study

International Lawyer

MSC Headhunting was approached by a large US health food manufacturer looking to hire a senior and experienced International Lawyer. The main remit of the role was initially to ensure the products complied with EU food labelling and ingredients laws, however the scope was to become broader after initial discussions…
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Marketing Case Study

marketing headhunters

MSC place senior candidates throughout the marketing sector for leading agencies and corporations.

European Case Study

European Marketing Manager

A well-known global computer solutions company were looking to hire a new European Marketing Manager. After detailed discussions with the department Head, the scope of the role was agreed and MSC began work on the assignment. Our UK and German research teams created a project plan and started scouring the market and approaching over 100 individuals across the computer hardware and services market in Europe…
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MSC has a proven track record of delivering successful appointments in a wide range of industries across the globe. Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust MSC because we deliver more than we promise. That’s why clients across Europe and the globe always return to us as you can see from our portfolio of customers and their references.

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